Disease is produced when the micro-organisms interact only with the susceptible host and hence care and cure at HomeopathyOne are focused on the human host.
But is it possible?
Can a disease exist without the host?

No, never. We all know that a disease has no existence outside a host. A host is a must for any disease.

So what exists without host are the micro-organisms.

But do micro-organisms alone can produce disease?

Nah, never. You ought to know this that a micro-organism can only produce disease in a host.


But when? Every time?

Not every time. Only when the host (you) is susceptible. Rest of the time both interact but yield nothing.

So why this confusion about Cure?

It is so simple that a disease can only exist within a host. The micro-organism can only produce a disease when the host is susceptible. And when both interact in a favourable environment.

Hence if Homeopathy cures the host it cures the altered state (disease) within the host, bringing it back to balance. It is as simple to understand as a mathematical equation.

“I don’t think I’d still be around today if it weren’t for Homeopathic medicines. I was sick with an Epstein-Barr virus which led to chronic fatigue, and I couldn’t work effectively for two years.”

Cher, Queen of Pope (Scottish Sunday Mail)

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