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At HomeopathyOne we provide personalized mentorship programs to improve your practice outcomes.
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The Universe is a galore of knowledge and wisdom. Hahnemannian Homeopathy is part of it. Mentoring is to develop and refine the ability in student, beginner and practitioners of Homeopathy towards understanding Original Homeopathy. We learn every moment and from each case. Discovering new and rediscovering old things.

Students, Beginners & Practitioners of Homeopathy  face various challenges in this ever-evolving world. That can be over-come by sharing experiences and learnings. At times, we make mistakes, but always learn from our actions. When we discuss, we learn from other’s mistakes as well. In the process, we develop the unprejudiced approach to life.

Our mentorship is multi-dimensional. It begins with Precise understanding of Homeopathic Principles and extends to Your and Your patient’s well-being.

Who We Mentor

From Students to Practitioners
around the Globe

A student forms precise understanding of the Homeopathic Principles. Along the way their doubts on the topics are sorted too.

Beginner connects to their cases with more understanding. And develops ability to perceive whether they are heading in the proper direction with mentorship of HomeopathyOne.

The practitioner, gets an opportunity in understanding Hahnemannian Homeopathic practice in depth. Getting in touch and brushing up the knowledge is necessary to maintain quality outcomes. The busy clinical practice leaves the key principles behind year by year, if not revised timely.

Dr. Twara Aashish mentors homeopathic practitioners, physicians and students worldwide.
What We Cover in Mentorship

Topics and more

Classical Homeopathy

Understanding the basic history and philosophy of Homeopathy and its application.

Process Management

Any questions or queries on case taking, patient management, counselling, etc.

Support for Professional

Any questions and queries you may have regarding conscientiousness, personal challenges, obstacles, etc

Looking for Case specific discussions, suggestions and management?

For practical techniques, skill refinement through supervision


One to One

One to One

30 Minutes
60 Minutes
T1 Countries
T2 Countries
T3 Countries
T4 Countries
Bharat (India)

Want to enhance your Homeopathic knowledge? Book a Session in 3 easy steps

To Exist is to change,
to Change is to mature,
to Mature is to go on creating a Better Self Endlessly.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning. One cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. And Hence here we are!

Ready and eager to share our learnings and skills. To help improve the skills of Homeopaths around the World to make a Healthier World.

we have got you covered

Need More than One session






45 days
45 days
90 days
90 days
Total Duration
180 Minutes
150 Minutes
360 Minutes
300 Minutes
T1 Countries
T2 Countries
T3 Countries
T4 Countries
Bharat (India)

Want to be enlightened in Hahnemannian Homeopathy? Book a Pack in 3 easy steps

Some Common Questions Answered

Mentoring is all about learning by leaning on someone independent and objective. It’s learning through conversation by way of sharing, discussing, questioning, and revisiting the topics.

  • Mentoring topics can be as many, as the questions you may have. We are listing some here as an example for you to have an idea.

    • How to understand the History and Basics of Homeopathy
    • How to Grasp the Basics of Homeopathic Philosophy
    • How to be the Hahnemannian Homeopath
    • How to know what needs to be healed in a case
    • How to convert the patient’s words into rubrics
    • Which remedy to select and what potency
    • What is a healing response
    • Is the remedy working
    • How to educate the patient about the process of healing
    • How to manage the case and educate the patient to avoid unnecessary obstacles
    • How to identify obstacles to cure
    • What should be done next
    • How to take follow-up consultation
    • When should I change the potency
    • When should I change the remedy
    • How to handle difficult cases
    • What does a healing response look like
    • How to handle ourselves as Homeopaths
    • How to handle the emotions of a patient
    • How to keep proper medical records
    • How to evaluate and analyze the process of cure
    • What not to do as a Hahnemannian Homeopath
    • What must be done as a Hahnemannian Homeopath

    The list can be endless…

We are here to point out the little things and explain them. You are here to share your experience and ask why we look at it differently. Some of it you may already know but a small detail may help you remember something important and when you put that into practice it will bring positive results. As we said, precision in practice and positive case outcomes are what we want you to have.

We have witnessed, a good Homeopathic practice starts and grows with a firm foundation of Homeopathic principles. We are successful and we want you to be too.

Our mentoring is one-to-one providing dedicated time for better clarity. Our mentoring focuses on problem-solving, decision-making, and providing solutions to the enormous questions you may have with your Homeopathic practice. We encourage and firmly believe in looking at issues from a variety of perspectives.

  • We focus on the clarity of understanding required for Effective Homeopathic Practice.
  • We keep it simple and clear for your unique way of learning.
  • We clear the doubts and questions you may have pertaining to Hahnemannian Homeopathy.
  • We gift you with factual knowledge, allowing you to break myths surrounding Homeopathy.
  • We help you to form a precise understanding of Hahnemannian Homeopathy.
  • We assist you in accurately applying Homeopathic learning in Early practice.
  • We discuss the finer details hidden within the Homeopathic literature and practice, which no one talks of.

A student, beginner to an established practitioner can book the mentorship appointment as per their requirement to share; discuss and learn Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

Yes, you have the option of packs for more than one session requirements to assist you in solving the queries about a topic as and when they arise.

The student forms precise understanding of Homeopathic Principles right from the beginning. Gaining a deeper level of understanding on topics which are based on experience and application of Homeopathic Principles in real world scenarios.

The college years have a different air of learning but the real practical world is not a piece of cake. Many unseen challenges lie ahead as we tread this path of Homeopathy. We have witnessed and learned from experiences of our own and fellow colleagues.

Thus we know the kind of support an intern and beginner would require in the early years of practice, to establish a hold on the basic principles of Homeopathy in order to deliver the best possible outcomes in practice. And we are here to lend that support, and listening ear, and share our experience.

Being a Practicing Homeopath is rewarding as well as challenging. As a peer, we offer you our time, our experience, and a listening ear.

The Homeopathic practice is as much about you as it is about the patients. Each patient brings some challenges and some learning opportunities for you to grow as a person and a practitioner. It can be overwhelming at times when they bring out the good or the worst in you.

Remember it is an interaction, a life experience for both involved which can affect and alter both personalities. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner, a beginner Homeopath, or a Homeopathic student; it happens.

At times you may find the need to reflect and discuss things with someone who can offer you a different outlook on the situation. You know you don’t have to struggle through things on your own. This is where we come into action and lend you the listening ear, our time, and experience. We have observed and inferred that Taking care of yourself is imperative to taking care of others.

Take that time, you deserve it.

No, there are no hidden charges. It is session based and straightforward.
We are offering you something very basic, yet powerful.

It’s an opportunity of learning and remembering, by sharing, discussing, and sticking to the very basic principles of Homeopathy. It is a journey of our shared discovery in saving Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

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All the services mentioned above guide the Homeopathic student, beginner and practitioner with any questions and doubts that they may have in their understanding of Hahnemannian Homeopathy. Any suggestions should be cross checked with basic sources of knowledge on the fundamental laws of Homeopathy.

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