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Submit Patient Profile with Reports and Take Free Tests beforehand

Submit Patient Profile with Reports (like case files, lab tests, medical reports, previous and ongoing medications, etc).
Take Recommended Free Tests and assessments with HomeopathyOne before your scheduled appointment as per your disease condition.

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Meet your Homeopath virtually or at HomeopathyOne Clinic and complete your selected service.
For Chronic Conditions we Ship Your Custom-tailored Medicine. You shall Receive an Email with the shipping details and instructions about medicine.
For Acute Conditions you will Receive the Homeopathic Prescription which enables you to Buy them from your accessible stores.

Step 4

Follow Up Consultations as Needed or Adviced by your Homeopath

Schedule Follow Ups as Advised and Feel Free to do One when you Feel so.
Keep your Homeopath Informed about the Changes Observed during the treatment.
Follow the Treatment Advice to Make the Healing Process Faster.

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Our patients are Happy & Healthy

My pain after a fall from the ladder before 10 days was lingering. I was taking heat therapy (compresses) and doing exercises suggested by ortho. Dr. Twara gave me a medicine on Saturday, stating that 10 days is too long for the pains to be still there. I have taken three (3) doses of medicine and.

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Kxxixx Cxxuxxn / 2024 / Bharat (India)

I had numbness in my hand for more than a year. The issue started to worsen from one and a half month. The numbness used to be there for the whole day. I could not even feel anything but numbness in these fingers. I underwent multiple tests and was advised surgery to loosen the nerve. With.

Gone is the numbness and back is the feel with individualised homeopathic treatment at HomeopathyOne.
Dxxrxxxix Rxxhxx / 2024 / India

A whole year has passed with zero medicine and zero anxiety attacks. True freedom! I am so grateful to Dr. Twara and HomeopathyOne for their continuous support during the 12 weeks treatment. My panic attacks were addressed promptly and effectively. Great experience!.

Treatment at HomeopathyOne has helped a lot of patient live a better life.
Mxxxax / 2023 / United States of America

I am Thanking you for curing my Insomnia. The results I have experienced for myself are awesome. I had been to specialists and tried various therapies before care at HomeopathyOne. My mind used to keep constantly awake and could not relax even at night. After my treatment at HomeopathyOne, I sleep better and wake up refreshed..

Treatment at HomeopathyOne has helped many a patient live a better life.
Pxxtxx Txxxxax / 2023 / India

Hey, wanted to share that my multiple food allergies have disappeared. The immunity seems to be doing much better after care at HomeopathyOne. No more hives and those ugly face swellings, making me unable to take a look at the mirror. Being a foodie the restrictions were really taking on my nerves and also my life..

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Jxxrxxx Bxxxxax / 2023 / India

I feel so Grateful to you for treating the stubborn constipation which was not yielding. Nothing sort of seemed to help move the bowels, except the Enema! With your Homeopathic treatment, things did much better and the bowels move regularly and effortlessly ever since..

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Wxxxixx / 2022 / United States of America

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All adults above 18 years of age, irrespective of their gender and sexual preferences can register for themselves.

A parent or guardian must register on behalf of the following:

  • a child
  • a disabled person
  • an old person who may need assistance to communicate.
  • someone who is not internet-savvy

Yes, LGBTQIA+ can book appointments too. We do not discriminate against anyone based on anything.

We understand and respect you, the way you are, and the way you choose for yourself. Feel free and do not be hesitant in seeking care.

Yes, pregnant and lactating or feeding person can book an appointment too.

We do not discriminate against any ailing person based on severity or type of disease. However, the scope of Homeopathic treatment can be decided only by the Specialist physician after going through all the relevant details.

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