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If you need further assistance

Do not hesitate to reach out to us directly. Our team is fully equipped and eager to help you in any way possible. At HomeopathyOne, we prioritize making things easy and straightforward for our patients, so you can trust that we’re always here for you.

Questions about Treatment

Doctors at HomeopathyOne treat the underlying cause of your disease. If your disease is caused or made worse by a medical problem or substance use, it also will be treated.

If you have any associated anxiety, stress, or any other psychological impact due to your disease, that will also be given due importance while drafting your treatment plan.

With Homeopathic treatment custom tailored for you, focused on your uniqueness, the treatment’s efficacy can be experienced in the following ways:

  1. You feel better than before.
  2. Your episode lasts shorter and is less intense.
  3. Your sleep improves in quality.
  4. You feel more active and energetic.
  5. You are able to eat better.
  6. Your mind and body work better.
  7. You make better choices for yourself.
  8. You enjoy better health than before.

Each person is unique and hence the time taken for treatment and the results achieved are also unique.

This is the most important question. Our Homeopathic Physicians work together with you as a team trying to achieve the same goal in a rapid, gentle, and permanent way. You and only you can assist in improving the outcomes of your treatment by keeping in mind the following points:

  1. Timely taking your medicine as per the guidelines provided.
  2. Schedule follow-ups on time, as they are essential to keep moving forward toward our goal.
  3. Help your care providers identify any obstacles to the outcome by freely sharing the details thoroughly and pre-emptively.
  4. Filling the assessment forms at required intervals.
  5. If any new or old symptom appears, inform your health care provider, before doing anything on your own and follow the guidance given by them.
  6. Not taking medicines on your own, as these interfere (slows down) and hampers (suppress) the process that is happening within your system for becoming healthy.
  7. If any tests are required, get them done.
  8. Not stopping any medicines on your own without your health care providers advice – be it conventional, complementary or alternative.
  9. Sharing if any other therapies or modalities are being utilized by you. Some ingredients may have interactions and consequences with your ongoing treatment without you realizing it.

You, and the whole of you, are the only reason why you experience the disease differently from others.

  1. your genetic predisposition and
  2. your unique response system

These are constantly evolving as you grow through life. They are constituted and modified by

  1. your upbringing and
  2. your experience of different life situations around you

Technically the way you are wired and the way you learn and change through life is what makes you unique. This is the main reason why people experience diseases differently.

Homeopathy values this uniqueness of yours, and therefore there are no medicines for disease conditions but for the person who is experiencing those disease conditions. This is the basic reason that allows a Homeopathic Doctor to prescribe a single medicine at a given time, even for multiple disease conditions.

Doctors at HomeopathyOne provide therapy as part of treatment depending on the case.

Therapy or Counseling can help with various outlets within your life. By meeting with a therapist, you will be able to destress and truly reflect on your life to see what you would like to be improved or what is causing you stress. A therapist can also offer guidance and advice on healing processes, everyday life situations, and they can help you keep your mental health in check.

Surely, you can have an online virtual session.

Virtual counselling sessions are timesaving, zero-waiting, easily accessible and affordable.

Some common signs that indicate seeking a therapist would be beneficial, such as:

  1. It isn’t easy to regulate your emotions. At times in life, you may feel hit with a flood of different emotions: anger, sadness, anxiety, and more. It is important to note how often you feel these bursts of emotions and how intensely you feel them. Through consulting with a therapist, you can learn to be vulnerable and identify deeper issues at the root of these feelings.
  2. Your work or school performance is declining. With this metric, individuals experiencing a tough time performing well in school/work could also be fighting some emotional or mental challenges, as these issues can impair concentration, memory, and energy. Meeting with a therapist could help you learn how to manage stress better and learn more ways to solve it actively.
  3. It is difficult for you to build and maintain relationships. Mental health can impact our relationships by prompting us to be more insecure or make us want to slowly back away from others around us. Additionally, it cannot be easy to cultivate or create new relationships. By visiting a therapist, you can enhance your social skills, which will enable you to feel more comfortable with building solid relationships around you.
  4. You are grieving. Grieving can be a slow, drawn-out process, especially if you do not have anyone to share the grief with. Through visiting with a therapist, you will be provided with a comfortable space to openly discuss your emotions and learn how to better cope with the grief.
  5. You hope to improve certain qualities within yourself but don’t know where to start. Therapy can allow you to see certain traits within yourself and identify tough points that you didn’t even know were, present. By better understanding yourself, you can learn how to better interact in certain situations and impact others.

No, there are no hidden charges.

It is session based and straightforward.

We also offer you packages for your timely needs.

General Questions

No, not at all.

Your Chronic Care Individual Plan covers treatment (medications and therapy if required) for all and any of your disease conditions for the specific duration of the plan. What’s more, It also covers treatment of any conditions arising during the plan period.

Yes, within the plan duration.

Any new diagnosis during the Chronic Care Individual Plan duration is also covered in the treatment. And you do not need to pay a single penny more.

For our International patients, we accept payments through

  • Credit / Debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
  • Paypal

a) For chronic consultations, treatment (homeopathic medicine) is included in the consultation.

No, You do not need to buy Homeopathic medicine for chronic conditions.

b) For acute consultations you receive a digital prescription. In this case you need to procure the homeopathic medicine from your nearest available option.

We plan shipping carrier as per your choice of speed and the delivery location.

As Hahnemannian Homeopaths, across the years of our practice, during follow-ups with thousands of patients, we have witnessed that during follow-up assessment the previous medicine is still acting within the body and you may not require another medicine or repetition. 

This is where you save money on the shipping. Just including shipping in all the follow-ups, seems so not fair. Hence shipping is not included and You pay shipping, only when required.

No, not after every appointment.

You pay shipping on your first / initial consultation. And as we go through the follow – up assessments, you pay only when we ship.

No, there are no hidden charges.

Transparency, Ethics and Patient Safety are part of our Core Values at HomeopathyOne’s Patient Centered Care. 

Mostly our shipping is smooth as a butter and does not require any shipping assistance.

In case any assistance is required, our team provides support and guidance, at no extra cost.

Follow-Up Care Plans are designed exclusively keeping you in focus. You can choose any one of the Follow-Up Care Plans as per your treatment progress and consultation frequency.

Consultation Questions

All adults above 18 years of age, irrespective of their gender and sexual preferences can register for themselves.

A parent or guardian must register on behalf of the following:

  • a child
  • a disabled person
  • an older person who may need assistance to communicate.
  • someone who is not internet-savvy

Yes, LGBTQIA+ can book appointments too. We do not discriminate against anyone based on anything.

We understand and respect you, the way you are, and the way you choose for yourself. Feel free and do not be hesitant in seeking care.

Yes, pregnant and lactating or feeding persons can book appointments too.

Yes, hospitalized patients can book an appointment and add the benefits of Homeopathy to their care, while they are in their sound senses.

However, you must keep your hospital doctors, caretakers, and homeopaths informed about all the treatments you are following.

We do not discriminate against any ailing person based on severity or type of disease. However, the scope of Homeopathic treatment can be decided only by the Specialist physician after going through all the relevant details.

Weekends are premium and as special as You. Please reach us by email at or through the chat option here.

Once you have booked an appointment, please follow the process. Click here to know the process.

The Chronic Care Individual Plan 52 covers a whole year of your care with all the consultations and treatments (medicines and therapy sessions as and when required).

You can schedule the appointments as and when required by you or as per the guidance of your healthcare provider.

Questions about Homeopathy

Everyone can choose Homeopathy, Literally Everyone, irrespective of age, gender, health condition, or the place you reside.

Young and old, pregnant women, animals, and even plants, all can benefit from Homeopathy. Many turn to Homeopathy when they haven’t found a solution to their problems with Allopathy or other systems of medicine.

We at HomeopathyOne are trained in medical systems pertaining to humans and hence treat only human beings.

Yes, of course, you can take Homeopathy under the care and guidance of a professional Hahnemannian Homeopath. Both kinds of medicines can be taken together if indicated.

They don’t interact directly as both have different pathways of action. However, as Homeopathic medicine will bring changes in your condition, your conventional doctor may need to modify their treatment in accordance.

For acute

Day-to-day illnesses when you choose Homeopathy—it not only cures but also strengthens your immunity and prevents diseases from happening frequently – giving you a choice to live a qualitative healthy life.

For chronic

When the disease is at the functioning level — group of symptoms with normal reports — It is in the most curable stage… And can prevent the development of future serious life-harming diseases.

When the disease is still at a functioning level but has produced changes — a group of symptoms with abnormal reports — and is producing by-products (such as stones, crystals, deposits, etc) from faulty mechanisms – It is still curable… Not only the by-product is eliminated but also its production is stopped as the mechanism gets corrected… Prevents recurrence and development of future serious critical illnesses.

In case your disease has progressed, even more, your reports may or may not show changes depending on the pathology involved, Homeopathy can still help you but here you will need more patience.

If your case has deteriorated and nothing can be done from conventional medicine, Homeopathy can still help you – in a different way – to preserve and improve the quality of your life.

It really depends on when you choose it. When Homeopathy is chosen as Primary Care, Homeopathy reduces your susceptibility to disease.

Homeopathy can treat, cure and prevent the illnesses of the present and future gently and rapidly.

Illnesses can be physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual and mostly involving all these areas to various extents.

It assists your life force to get back to the pre-disease state in a way as if the disease never ever happened to you.

Extensive clinical experience, observations, and research continue to support the effectiveness of homeopathy for the last 2 centuries in a wide range of ailments for men, women, children, infants, and the people over 60 years of age.

Children, Infants, Adults, Skeptical Adults, Disabled, Unconscious people, and even Animals and Plants, who aren’t aware of what they’re taking, have all responded to Homeopathy and experienced effective results alike.

Hahnemannian Homeopathy is beneficial in helping people with a wide variety of problems. The focus is YOU. It cures and at the same time strengthens You, to prevent illnesses.


From Minor ailments such as colds, coughs, constipation, flu, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, acidity, travel sickness, teething troubles, bed-wetting, acne, dandruff, rashes, sports injuries, concentration deficit, etc to more serious conditions including autoimmune diseases and persistent chronic conditions for which conventional medicine often has nothing more to offer.


Among them are ADD or ADHD, Allergies, Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism, Bronchial Asthma, Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux Disorder (GERD), Bipolar, Candida & Other Yeast Problems, Children’s Behavioural Problems, PANS or PANDAS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression, Digestive Problems, Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities, Ear Infections, Fears or Anxieties, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Fibromyalgia, Grief, Headaches and Migraine, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or Colitis, Haemorrhoids, Infertility, Insomnia, Menstrual Problems, Mood Swings, Multiple Sclerosis, PMS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, PTSD, Psoriasis, Urticarias, Liver Cysts, Uterine Prolapse, Chronic Depression, Delayed Convalescence Post-Acute Diseases, Migraines and Headaches, TMJ Problems, Schizophrenia, Warts, Psoriasis, Menopausal Syndrome, Flatulent Dyspepsia, Psychiatric and Behavioural Disorders, Arthritis, Diabetes Mellitus, Rheumatic Fever, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Motor Neuron Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Hypothyroid and Hyperthyroid Conditions, Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOS), Infertility, Uterine Fibroids and Endometriosis, Breast Tumours, Systemic Lupous Erythematosus (SLE), Renal Calculi, Cholelithiasis, Alopecia Areata, Eczema, Hair and Skin problems and many other Acute & Chronic cases beyond the reach of other systems of medicine.

No, Not At All.

  • You do not have to believe it.
  • Just be Open to Experiencing it. And Experience it Properly from the Right Source.

Homeopathy is based on a fixed principle of Nature and not on any belief.

Homeopathy was discovered and refined by a doctor of medicine.

Homeopathy works even in unknown, unnamed, and totally new disease.

Interesting Fact

Some of the most famous Homeopaths were originally medical doctors, and skeptics, who completely changed their views after witnessing life-changing cures. The only requirement is openness to engage in the process and find out for yourself.

Additionally, millions of people across the world rely on Homeopathy for their Health. There is a rapidly growing number of conventional medical doctors using Homeopathic medicines due to their effectiveness, especially in Europe and Asia.

What would you consider as slow?

In an acute condition, which has developed in days Homeopathic treatment shows improvement in minutes.

I would like to give you a real-life example that is based on experience. A patient who was brought with assistance to the clinic in the evening, having fever since morning was examined and was dispensed the remedy. In 30 minutes, the patient was better enough to walk unassisted out of the clinic.

A patient who had a deep cut injury was administered dressing with a Homeopathic solution and Oral Homeopathic medicine as treatment and the wound was completely healed in 3 days without any complications.

A fracture, in which once the relocation and immobilization of the part were done by the Orthopaedic physician, Homeopathic medicine was administered for faster healing and the time frame of rejoining the bone reduced drastically.

In a chronic condition that has been there for some years, Homeopathy takes months to a few years depending on the extent of the disease condition, previous suppressions, and the existing level of health of that individual.

A patient having seasonal palmoplantar psoriasis for the last 20 years was treated for 6 months and has never had a repeat episode and is completely healthy since then, it has been more than 10 years now.

A patient having recurrent respiratory illness since childhood (10-11 years) was treated for 2 years and is completely free of the illness since then.

Hence when the treatment and management are done following the Organon at every step, depending on the type and extent of disease condition, previous suppressions, and the existing level of health, Homeopathy is rapid to act and bring the human organism back to Health.

Remember all individuals are unique, hence respond and react differently to every situation and also to every treatment they receive.

It is like asking is knife unsafe.

All I can tell is that the knife is sharp.

Regarding its safety, there are rules and users. It is only safe in the hands of the user who knows and adheres to safety rules while using the knife.

A trained Homeopathic physician is the right user who knows the rules and abides by them and understands the actions and reactions of the prescribed Homeopathic medicine. And can provide guidance toward the necessary steps to aid and improve the process of cure.

Homeopathy practiced by its principles is comparatively safe. For this reason, it is important to find a reliable practitioner with appropriate training.

While considered safe, homeopathic medicine should always be administered under the guidance of a certified homeopath, or homeopathic doctor and now you know why.

No. Homeopathy is NOT the same as Herbal medicine or Naturopathy or Ayurveda.

These are all different systems of dealing with illness. Each one has its own foundation and criteria.

Some people often use these terms interchangeably, which creates confusion for the care receiver.

Homeopathy does use remedies made from substances in nature, but the principles and process of practice along with the process of manufacturing and application of medicines vary vastly.

Most family doctors (GP) are not trained in Homeopathy, so they are unaware of the benefits of Homeopathy. However, as they witness and experience Homeopathy’s positive impact on patients’ lives, they become aware albeit from a limited perspective.

If you wish to take the advantage of Homeopathy, you have to take the lead and also inform your doctor about the benefits you receive with Homeopathy. You cannot afford to be deprived of the Benefits of Homeopathy simply due to the lack of awareness of your doctor! After all, it is You, who needs to be treated to be Healthy.

This prejudice and bias about Homeopathy are due to Chinese Whispers. The following factors promote such confusion:

  1. misinformation
  2. misnomer of words
  3. misunderstanding of facts
  4. lack of training
  5. lack of experience
  6. improper experience
  7. improper source of information, etc

Hence awareness of facts is of primary importance and we constantly act towards it.

In fact, we treat a large number of people, and many conventional doctors from different countries approach us for Homeopathic treatment for various disease conditions which have no solution in other systems of medicine.

Medical education today is not yet the most evolved. The most evolved medical education will have all forms of treatments (including Homeopathy) taught to the doctors after their basic education. Such a team will be able to provide the best system of treatment for relevant illnesses. Where and when to advise Surgery; Homeopathy; Allopathy; Naturopathy; Ayurveda; etc.

Questions on Homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic medicines taste sweet in the form of pills and powdery in the form of tablets and powder, but they taste bitter in the liquid form.

Always follow the instructions given by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Store your homeopathic medicines in cool and dark places away from moisture and sunlight such as a drawer or a cabinet in your study room, preferably at high places to keep them out of reach of children.

Keep away from the reach of your children, to prevent them from eating Homeopathic medicine as a sweet. As, children who are not under homeopathic treatment, are also very fond of taking the pills, owing to their sweet taste. Quite often, upon the insistence of parents, homeopathic doctors give non-medicated sweet pills to the children of patients who come with them to the clinic.

Homeopathic medicines can be carried safely while you are traveling. They can be part of your first aid kit or your treatment course. Do keep your prescription handy when traveling across borders for your ease.

If you are pregnant and need to take any Homeopathic medicine, please consult your Homeopathic Doctor who shall guide you toward proper management and treatment (if required) for your issues.

If you are breastfeeding and need to take any Homeopathic medicine, please consult your Homeopathic Doctor who shall guide you toward proper management and treatment (if required) for your issues.

Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed for Infants (6 months to 1 year) for their health issues by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Take 1/4 cup of water = 60 ml = 2 fl. oz. and add to it the number of pills of one dose. Stir gently till the pills melt away.

A teaspoon = 5 ml should be given from this medicinal water solution to the baby.

The rest of the medicinal water solution should be discarded immediately without fail, to prevent somebody from consuming it thinking it as plain water. It can be given to the plants in your garden.

Always follow the instructions given by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed for the health issues of Toddlers (1 year to 3 years) by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Take 1/4 cup of water = 60 ml = 2 fl. oz. and add to it the number of pills of one dose. Stir gently till the pills melt away.

A teaspoon = 5 ml should be given from this medicinal water solution to the baby.

The rest of the medicinal water solution should be discarded immediately without fail, to prevent somebody from consuming it thinking of it as plain water. It can be given to the plants in your garden.


Pills, tablets, and powders are to be taken – in the prescribed dose – directly under the tongue and allowed to be melted in the mouth unless otherwise specified.

Always follow the instructions given by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed for health issues of Children and Adults (>3 years to 65 years) by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Pills, tablets, and powders are to be taken – in the prescribed dose – directly under the tongue and allowed to be melted in the mouth unless otherwise specified.

Liquid medicines are usually to be taken in the prescribed dose after mixing with 1/4 cup of water = 60 ml = 2 fl. oz.

Always follow the instructions given by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Homeopathic medicines can be prescribed for health issues Geriatric (> 65 years) by your Homeopathic Doctor.

Pills, tablets, and powders are to be taken – in the prescribed dose – directly under the tongue and allowed to be melted in the mouth unless otherwise specified.

Liquid medicines are usually to be taken in the prescribed dose after mixing with 1/4 cup of water = 60 ml = 2 fl. oz.

Alternate routes – such as smelling, rubbing, etc., – are utilized for those patients/situations wherein it is not possible to give Homeopathic medicine orally.

Always follow the instructions given by your Homeopathic Doctor.

  1.  Do not touch the medicines, use medicine bottle caps for the dose. In the case of powdered medicine in the sachet, open the sachet and use the sachet itself to drop the medicine in the mouth.
  2. 15 minutes before and after taking medicines no food or water should be taken.
  3. In case two different medicines of any pathy are taken in the same part of the day like morning, noon or evening, leave a gap of 15 minutes between them.
  4. Things to avoid until the medication course is completed: raw onions; raw garlic; coffee and any form of camphor.
  5. In case you are with any habits – such as tobacco chewing and smoking, alcohol drinking; drugs; or any other similar habits – take medicines first with a clean mouth and wait for at least 30 minutes. *It is suggested to avoid any such activity as it is injurious to health.
  6. Please try not to miss your medication schedule for a speedy recovery.

The medicine prescribed is an individualized medicine arrived at from analyzing your individual mind and body constitution and is not applicable to any other person having the same ailments.
2. Do not undergo any self-medication without consulting your doctor.
3. Please try to complete your course of medication without missing any repetition.
4. The above prescription is only valid till the course period, starting from the day of your 1st medication, or shall supersede this prescription once a new one is prescribed.
5. The doctor is available for your help, please do feel free to reach out. In case of any doubt, you can opt for a Google Meet, the same can be communicated through email or chat and can be scheduled at a convenient time.

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