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Chronic Care :
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At HomeopathyOne, we believe in the power of healing and achieving the best possible health outcomes for our patients. Our team of qualified homeopaths practices the tenets of Hahnemannian Homeopathy to customize and design treatments tailored to each individual. We know that constant and recurrent symptoms can prevent people from enjoying life to the fullest and can gradually affect them entirely. They may stop their activities, withdraw socially, and become preoccupied with their health.

Health disorders often substantially change people’s daily behaviour, including leading them to avoid certain things and situations. And limit their ways of experiencing life. They learn to live a compromised life accepting their limitations. Eventually, they stop looking for a cure and resign themselves to their health disorder.

But we’re here to change that. We treat multiple types of ailments effectively and successfully to help our patients achieve the quality of life they deserve. As healthcare providers, we are committed to providing the highest quality healthcare services to enable our patients to live fulfilling lives. We are proud to be a trusted partner in your healthcare journey and believe that together, we can achieve wellness and happiness.

Consultations at HomeopathyOne

Designed on
Homeopathic Classification of Disease

Initial consultations at HomeopathyOne are designed to meet the needs of thorough evaluation of people suffering from chronic disorders.

Chronic Consultations

Chronic consultations are designed for chronic diseases. In Nature, Chronic diseases fit the following criteria, without intervention or treatment

  • gradual onset.
  • progresses slowly.
  • lasts for an indefinite time.
  • changes are structural.
  • ends in death.
  • causes are lifestyle and genetics.
  • surely recurs.

Chronic consultations at HomeopathyOne for New patients – First (Initial) consultation. Existing patients returning after a gap of one year or more need to book First (Initial) consultation.

Please Note
First (Initial) consultation at HomeopathyOne includes the following :
  • 120 minutes of initial case taking.
  • 240 minutes of initial casework – performed strictly adhering to the Homeopathic criteria charted by the founder to reach and verify the Similimum.
  • Charting of Tentative treatment plan – modified after each follow-up as per the progress.
  • Indicated Single medicine – selection of appropriate potency. These are performed strictly adhering to the Homeopathic criteria charted by the founder to initiate and continue the process of healing.
  • Required doses only – selection of appropriate repetitions. These are performed strictly adhering to the Homeopathic criteria charted by the founder to keep the process of healing rapid yet gentle.
  • Priority Support through email or chat – is available within 15 days of the first (initial) consultation.
  • Initial Shipping – is included.
First (Initial) consultation does not include :
  • Follow-Up – you can book a package and make your treatment affordable. Or schedule a Follow Up consultation as and when recommended by your healthcare provider. Or whenever you feel the need to consult.

The treatment process is a carefully crafted journey towards your better self. Our First (Initial) consultation serves as the first step towards your comprehensive healing. Subsequent Follow Up consultations are paramount in ensuring continued progress towards your ultimate goal. It is imperative to prioritize timely follow-ups to stay firmly on track towards achieving a healthier self.

Through the healing journey, we work together to identify, manage and mitigate any obstacles, ensuring that you reach your desired outcome. Our commitment remains steadfast in ensuring that you receive the utmost attention and care in your journey towards wholeness. Trust us to guide you every step of the way towards a happier and healthier life.

Chronic Consultations

Patient Outcomes

Quicker Recovery
Improved Energy
Less Complications
Reduced Recurrence
Restores Functions
Boosts Metabolism
Better Outcomes
Better Health
Better Life

I used to suffer from kidney stone on and off. 2 weeks of treatment and my largest kidney stone came out with ease. Consulting Dr. Twara Aashish at HomeopathyOne made me realise few things. The renal calculi are the product. The error is in the process due to which the calculi is formed. All these years I had only focused on removing the stones. And thought my problem was solved. I really never gave a thought about these aspects. The treatment at HomeopathyOne is multi-faceted and holistic. The focus is not only on removal of product but.

My kidney stone came out in just 2 weeks of treatment without much pain. Thank you!
Dx Xaxxex Jxxhx / 2024 / Bharat (India)

My HbA1C levels came to 6.4 % from 5.7% in 3 months. The lifestyle changes adopted could not stop prediabetes to reach diabetic levels. In 3 months of Homeopathic treatment my HbA1C levels reported to 5.20% which is non-diabetic. 1.2% less in 3 months! I knew Homeopathy worked but didn't know it was this quick. When we started, the mean blood sugar was 137mg/dl. After treatment the mean blood sugar reported at 102.54mg/dl. That's a drop of 34.46 mg/dl. It's really great news if you are in your 20's like me and just married! I am so.

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced. My journey from diabetic to non-diabetic in 3 months by homeopathic treatment.
Dx Vxxsxaxx Xaxxax / 2024 / Bharat (India)

I had numbness in my hand for more than a year. The issue started to worsen from one and a half month. The numbness used to be there for the whole day. I could not even feel anything but numbness in these fingers. I underwent multiple tests and was advised surgery to loosen the nerve. With 5 months treatment at HomeopathyOne, things changed for better. In first 2 months half of my hand was free from numbness. The other half took 3 more months. This half had lost the feel. Now I can feel again with my.

Gone is the numbness and back is the feel with individualised homeopathic treatment at HomeopathyOne.
Dxxrxxxix Rxxhxx / 2024 / India

A whole year has passed with zero medicine and zero anxiety attacks. True freedom! I am so grateful to Dr. Twara and HomeopathyOne for their continuous support during the 12 weeks treatment. My panic attacks were addressed promptly and effectively. Great experience!.

Treatment at HomeopathyOne has helped a lot of patient live a better life.
Mxxxax / 2023 / United States of America

I am Thanking you for curing my Insomnia. The results I have experienced for myself are awesome. I had been to specialists and tried various therapies before care at HomeopathyOne. My mind used to keep constantly awake and could not relax even at night. After my treatment at HomeopathyOne, I sleep better and wake up refreshed. Getting a relaxing sleep has improved my work life and home life. Thanks a ton!.

Treatment at HomeopathyOne has helped many a patient live a better life.
Pxxtxx Txxxxax / 2023 / India

Hey, wanted to share that my multiple food allergies have disappeared. The immunity seems to be doing much better after care at HomeopathyOne. No more hives and those ugly face swellings, making me unable to take a look at the mirror. Being a foodie the restrictions were really taking on my nerves and also my life. My life was limited due to the food allergies and so were my options. I cannot Thank You enough for the effective treatment. I am able to enjoy the varieties of food previously banned like eggs and peanuts. It feels awesome.

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Jxxrxxx Bxxxxax / 2023 / India

In spite of living among multiple triggers of my complaints, the treatment provided by HomeopathyOne worked wonders. I sleep well and breathe better now. I learnt that my observations about myself were crucial in my healing journey and were part of my role as a patient. Thank you for showing me the brighter side of Life with care and patience!.

Treatment at HomeopathyOne has helped patient live a better life.
Vxxxx Gxxsxx / 2022 / United Arab Emirates

My weakness and asthma really hampered my work. Taking day offs was equally taking toll on my pay-check. The treatment at HomeopathyOne made my weakness and asthmatic symptoms got cleared up completely. It has been quite a time since we stopped treatment as per the experts advise and I must tell you my health has improved like never before. Thank You!.

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Sxxax Kxxx / 2022 / India

I now take charge of my life and enjoy healthier relationships with my family and people around me. I feel more at ease communicating and no one needs to push me around to get the stuff done. With treatment and guidance at HomeopathyOne, things changed for better quite rapidly. Shukran!.

Words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the transformation experienced.
Nxxkxx Pxxoxxt / 2022 / Oman

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