At HomeopathyOne, we treat individuals based on their inner wiring which defines which systems and organs produce symptoms to preserve life and localise a disease.

How does a disease progress?

Whenever a disturbance is produced in a susceptible human being, it is pushed outwards.

Have you ever thrown a stone in a water body? Ever seen how it sinks while generating ripples.

The same happens within our body when a disturbance strong enough sinks in us. The ripples are produced. The human system’s main task is to preserve life. For this to happen it needs to secure and preserve the vital organs of the body. So what it does?

The progress of disease in an individual is defined by the susceptibility of organs and systems. HomeopathyOne tracks this progress for the process of cure.

Nature and progress of disease

It sends these ripples outwards to the least important organs. Mostly the hair and skin. You might get a pimple after that fight with your partner. Or you might develop a rash after not expressing your anger towards a disturbing situation. Or you may start developing grey hairs or witness increased hair fall or even hair loss.

For some individuals there would be only functional symptoms such as digestive disturbance or a headache.

Where the disease localises (which organs and systems get affected) depends totally on the individual. The symptoms also depend on the individual.

Suppression and progress of disease

Now if you suppress these initial symptoms and not cure them. The disturbance gets pushed inwards and keeps on progressing.

Once a disease is suppressed, it keeps on progressing consistently with/without making you aware. It starts from simple things, simple symptoms and then slowly spreads and becomes a symptom complex.

In a body it goes from functions of the systems to structures/organs of the systems, initially it is reversible but as it progresses it becomes irreversible.

Don’t wait for it to reach that stage where only a little help is possible. Be aware and get cured by choosing Homeopathy as your mode of treatment for day-to-day minor illnesses and thereby preventing the risk of developing major ones.

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