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What is it that the healthcare needs to focus on?

The organism, the environment, the host…

All of them, but most importantly the host.


If the host is healthy can there be disease?


If the host is healthy even when there are millions and billions of disease producing organisms around does the host get diseased?



Even is swamps, in slums, in the worst of outside environment people are healthy. Aren’t they?



And even in the best of environment people are falling ill, aren’t they?

Yes! they do.


It is important to create and maintain a healthy environment outside and within us, but there is no need to kill the microorganisms and produce a deadlier version of them in the form of Resistant strains.

Microbial Resistance

Staphylococcus aureus MRSA

It is the result of the change in susceptibility of the organism in order to survive the constant attacks of the various drugs. It reminds me of Darwin’s theory of Evolution – 1859. by Charles Darwin(1809-1882).

Why was it not applied for organisms? How could it be missed?


When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us

Our focus must be host now, now that we have utilised the environment and organism theory.

Did we not focus on the host? Is it really possible that we completely overlooked the host altogether? Have we focused on the host?

Of course, we have focused on the host. We are Smart human beings. We cannot miss such an important aspect!

How (in which direction) have we focused on the host?

We have used strategies like blocking pathways, suppressing the immune reaction, controlling the altered levels, eliminating the pathological product such as stone, or curing by correcting the functions?

Earlier, we have been enlightened with the fact, that the disease is an altered dynamic state which we can experience by symptoms.

And what do you mostly do for such symptoms?

You Suppress them so that they cannot be experienced anymore and claim to yourself in a voice of relief! Unaware that the diseased state is still progressing within you. After it has progressed, you get new symptoms and a new name for your disease condition, mostly deeper than the initial one. Difficult to treat compared to the initial one. More than often you end up being diagnosed by such a condition which is termed as incurable in present medical literature.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? Can you correlate this situation?

By witnessing such deeper disease conditions with new names almost daily in your loved ones and people around us.

Once again, can we once focus on the host? And in the proper direction, please!


Not by suppressing the immunity, or blocking pathways or creating illusions, to avoid symptoms but by observing those symptoms and curing them. Not just curing a single episode but strengthening the inner environment, to reduce the episodes and prevent them completely from coming.

Is there such a method? That which can cure and strengthen simultaneously.

Sure enough, there is such a method that provides this rare dual benefit.

Is it proven or a mere speculation?

Of course, it is proven. Proven with evidences. Evidences that are consistent across centuries. Evidences that are consistent across epidemics and pandemics. Evidences that are consistent with acute and chronic diseases alike. This method is the only method that can both cure and strengthen the host at the same time. This method is Homeopathy.

So can it cure everything?

Sorry to disappoint you but No, not everything. There are situations where you need emergency aid and or need surgeries. Homeopathy cannot replace them.

Homeopathy can cure most of chronic diseased states and relive few others. With the rise in prevalence of disease conditions and as we apply Homeopathy we are discovering new scopes and avenues. Yet we must remember that every science has its own scopes and limitations. And so does Homeopathy.

Yet, it is the only known system of medicine, that is capable of strengthening you while curing you, to reduce illnesses and enjoy better health.


It cures you, from altered state of health (that is disease) to the better state of health.


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